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I’ve got an idea…

Welcome to a new kind of agency – one that’s all about ideas

Any creative process starts with the idea. The idea is what sparks the fire that can turn a vision into reality.

webfuego is a modern and multi-cultural think tank filled with a creative minds, each one with 10+ years of experience in the creative industry, each one in his own creative field, from Photography, Illustration or Painting over Graphic Design and Content Creation to Creative Writing, Online Marketing and Music.

Together they provide concepts and content for social media channels and websites, headlines, slogans or texts for advertising, animations and images for videos, music jingles and sound productions, ideas for new products and other things that you might not have thought of yet.

Created in 2017 by Jonny Jelinek
Founder, CEO, Head of Concepts & Ideas


webfuego: ideas, concepts, content, creation

Current Projects

Where we invest most our creative energy into at the moment…


I Am The One: Wear it, feel it, be it!

I Am The One — Shirts & more on twitter

The idea behind the I Am The One Shirtshop is to use the power of short affirmations and combine them with a handmade, minimalist typography by Jonny Jelinek, plus the Graphic Design skills of his longterm girlfriend, to create t-shirt designs with the ability to improve your state of mind.

Produced in and shipped from the US & Europe. 🇺🇸🇪🇺

20+ words available on 4000+ high quality shirts, hoodies, caps & more, featuring weekly new designs and creative collections, in customizable colors and sizes.

Artistic & Mindful Photography

Artistic & Mindul Photography on Facebook Jonny Jelinek on Instagram

Official website, online portfolio and print shop of Jonny Jelinek: a self-taught photographer who in 2017 decided that, after almost 20 years of just taking pictures and creating digital artworks, it’s time to get himself out there and show his art to the world.


Get prints for your wall, license images or book JJ as a photographer for your place!

Other Projects

Recently Launched, Up and Running or Ready4Sale… (Project 4 Sale) (Project 4 Sale)

by webfuego

The platform aims to present the Top 10 of the best and most engaging posts from the most popular facebook pages – best of the week, the month, the year, sorted by topics!

Status: Finished, Project available for sale

Demo: »

The mission of webfuego is support and motivate the creation, conception and execution of ideas. In the first phase, its main service is to create, develop and market the multiple projects of the agency’s owner  a passionate Fine Art Photographer, creative powerhouse, entrepreneur, author and former co-owner of a small but successful Online Marketing Agency from Vienna, who decided in 2017 to take his girlfriend, his camera and his laptop and move from the hectic city to a quiet coastal town surrounded by nature on the spanish Island of Menorca.

Jonny Jelinek

With Jonny Jelinek being one of those creative minds that constantly comes up with new ideas, and webfuego, a place where ideas come to life, this is just the perfect match! 

More coming soon!

This website, like webfuego itself, is an ongoing project and is constantly evolving. This journey is only 10% finished, many more ideas and projects will be added shortly. Come back soon to see what’s new or follow Jonny Jelinek on Social Media: