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I’ve got an idea…

Welcome to a new kind of agency  a melting pot filled with creative ideas, a factory for innovative products, simply put: A birth place of fun startup projects, created by one man.

Jonny Jelinek

Founder, CEO, Online Marketing Manager, Art Director, Webdesigner, Content Creator, Head of Communications & Sales, Chief Happiness Officer and everything in between at webfuego.

The mission of webfuego is support and motivate the realization of creative ideas. Its main service is to create, develop and market the multiple projects of the agency’s owner, and at the same time one and only client, Jonny Jelinek a passionate Fine Art Photographer, creative powerhouse, entrepreneur, author and former co-owner of a small but successful Online Marketing Agency from Vienna, who decided in 2017 to take his girlfriend, his camera and his laptop and move from the hectic city to a quiet coastal town surrounded by nature on the spanish Island of Menorca.

After quickly adapting to a more mindful way of living, followed by two years of sabbatical, fully focusing on his photography, the practice of mindfulness, deep thinking, meditation, inner explorations, emotional resiliance training, self-improvement and personal development, he is now on the brink of turning another one of his biggest passions into a profession: Transforming creative ideas into real-life projects.

With Jonny Jelinek being one of those creative minds that constantly comes up with new ideas, and webfuego, a place where ideas come to life, this is just the perfect match!

Latest Client Projects

Ongoing — In Progress

Artistic & Mindful Photography

Artistic & Mindful Photography

by Jonny Jelinek

Official website, online portfolio and print shop of Jonny Jelinek: a self-taught photographer who in 2017 decided that, after almost 20 years of just taking pictures and creating digital artworks, it’s time to get himself out there and show his art to the world.

» (Project 4 Sale) (Project 4 Sale)

by webfuego

The platform aims to present the Top 10 of the best and most engaging posts from the most popular facebook pages – best of the week, the month, the year, sorted by topics!

Status: Project available for sale


Menorca4Free (coming soon)

Menorca4Free (coming soon)

by webfuego

This is still more a concept than anything else, but in the future there will definitely be a project which focuses on the island of Menorca. More infos coming later this year.
New Project

New Project

... and it could be anything!

Maybe it will be an app, or another fun online project, a blog, a platform, a YouTube channel or maybe something completely different… if you don’t want to miss all the new stuff that’s about to come, follow webfuego on facebook and twitter or come back soon!

More coming soon!

This website, like webfuego itself, is an ongoing project and is constantly evolving. This journey is only 10% finished, many more ideas and projects will be added shortly. Come back soon to see what’s new or follow Jonny Jelinek on Social Media: